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Recap: April Monthly Meeting

Updated: May 9


CEC 20 held its monthly meeting last night at P.S./I.S. 30 Mary Ovington. We are very grateful to have had such a supportive staff welcome us to their school. Thank you to all our attendees for your active engagement and involvement, we value your input and encourage you to continue sharing your thoughts, concerns! Notable topics discussed at our meeting include - 

Presentation from the Office of Language Access 

We were fortunate to have William Roberts and Araina Sepulveda-Moreiras to provide an overview on the Office of Language Access. The OLA provides interpretation to NYCPS in multiple languages and mediums. This can include interpretation over the phone, documents and PowerPoints, and in-person services. Mr. Roberts and Ms. Araina discussed the process to request interpretation and answered questions from CEC 20 and community members. If you require assistance with requesting interpretation, please use this link

Report of Superintendent Pretto 

Dr. Lucia Perez-Medina, Senior Achievement Manager, was able to provide a curriculum overview on Into Literature. Principals and teachers from District 20 were recognized for their outstanding efforts in implementing the new HMH program into their schools, this includes J.H.S. 259 William McKinley and I.S. 187 Christa McAuliffe. 

Wellness Committee Update 

CEC member Tamara Stern provided the community with an update from the NYCPS Citywide Wellness Advisory Council. The CWAC works with schools, DOE offices, and City and community partners to create programs to support student well-being and teach healthy living habits at a young age. 

We encourage you to stay connected by visiting our YouTube, attending future meetings, and reaching out to your community representatives or us with any questions or suggestions. If you were unable to attend last night's meeting, please visit our YouTube channel to watch the entire recording. Thank you once again for your attendance and active participation. We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting on May 8th!

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