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Recap - May Monthly Meeting

CEC 20 held its monthly meeting last night at P.S. 971 School of Math, Science, and Healthy Living. CEC 20 and the community are extremely grateful for the warm welcome Dr. Ruth and her staff gave us. Dr. Ruth and her students presented on healthy living habits and surprised all in-person attendees with smoothies! We would also like to thank all our attendees, both in-person and virtual, for your active engagement and involvement. We value your input and encourage you to continue sharing your thoughts, concerns! Notable topics discussed at our meeting include - 

Summer Rising Update from Director Angela Faloy

We were fortunate to have Angela Faloy, Director of the Summer Programing, provide an overview and update on Summer Rising. Summer Rising provides students with access to both academic and enrichment programs over the course of a day, including field trips, arts activities, and outdoor recreation. Though the deadline has passed, you may still apply to the waitlist through MySchools

Report of Superintendent Pretto 

Heather Derebegian and Jaime Wraspir, District Achievement and Instructional Specialists, provided an Overview of District 20's Math Support Action Plan. This update included District 20's efforts to improve mathematical instruction across the district. This goal is being met by providing professional learning sessions, allowing teachers to learn together and share best practices. Principals and teachers from District 20 were recognized for their outstanding efforts in implementing the new HMH program into their schools, this includes P.S./I.S. 229 Dyker and P.S. 69 Vincent D. Grippo School.

We encourage you to stay connected by visiting our website, attending future meetings, and reaching out to your community representatives or us with any questions or suggestions. If you were unable to attend last night's meeting, please visit our YouTube channel to watch the entire recording. Thank you once again for your attendance and active participation. We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting on June 12th!

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