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Community Education Council for District 20

Throughout the city, there are 32 school districts. Each school district has a CEC. Each CEC oversees the elementary and junior high schools within their district. Parents serve a two year term on 36 Councils throughout the city, including the 32 Community Education Councils and the 4 Citywide Councils.

CEC members represent the parents in their district. The CEC is the voice of all the district parents. Parents are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings to learn what is going on and also to voice their concerns and issues. Members also visit the district schools and attend their PTA/PA meetings, as well as their School Leadership Team meetings. The CECs participate in shaping educational policies in their districts. Their responsibilities include approving school zoning lines, holding hearings on the capital plan, and providing input on other important policy issues. Each CEC has nine members who are parents of students currently in grades K-8 in district schools.

CEC 20 Bylaws - Bylaws

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