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Recap - March Monthly Meeting

Updated: Mar 25


CEC 20 held its monthly meeting last night at I.S. 223 Montauk School! We are very grateful to have had such a supportive staff welcome us to their school, especially Principal Frank. Thank you to all our attendees for your active engagement and involvement, we value your input and encourage you to continue sharing any thoughts and concerns you may have!

Notable topics discussed at our meeting include -

Presentation from Independent Budget Office

CEC 20 was fortunate to have Julia Konrad, My Nguyen, and Taina Guarda from the Independent Budget Office and discuss NYC's education budget, a walkthrough of school budgets, Fair Student Funding, and answer important questions regarding budget and funding in NYCPS.

Report of Superintendent Pretto

Dr. Pretto shared updates around NYC Reads in District 20 which included districtwide professional development labs aimed at improving the implementation of NYC Reads. In relation to the implementation of NYC Reads, principals and teachers from P.S. 127, 160, 163, and 247, were praised for their efforts. Updates on the new schools opening this upcoming fall were also discussed, including open house dates. Finally, Dr. Pretto addressed unanswered questions from the Chancellor Town Hall Event. Some questions included D75 Seating availability in District 20, Enrollment patterns, school crossing guards, and more.

Resolution 9 - Renewal of Mayoral Control with Reforms

CEC 20 approved a resolution for the renewal of Mayoral Control with certain amendments. Unless Mayoral Control is extended, it is set to expire on June 30th 2024. A viable alternative has not been announced and this would new system would require a lengthy public input process and a phase-in period. CEC 20 requests that Mayoral Control be extended for 4 years and allow for more meaningful input in the hiring of a community superintendent.

We encourage you to stay connected by visiting our website, attending future meetings, and reaching out to your community representatives with any questions or suggestions. If you were unable to attend last night's meeting, please visit our YouTube channel to watch the entire recording. We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting on April 17th!

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