Karina Costantino        
Community Superintendent

Joseph O'Brien
Principal Lead Facilitator

William Chin 
Family Leadership Coordinator

Sylwia Jasinski 
Family Support Coordinator 

William Kirk
Teacher Development&Evaluation Coach

Shawn McClain
Field Support Liaison 

Clare Purcell
Administrative Assistant


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Next CEC Meeting

Date:Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Time: 6:00 pm Business Meeting (Council business only)
7:00 pm Calendar Meeting
Location: IS 201 - Dyker Heights; 8010 12th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11228


Business Meeting

Call to Order                                                   Adele Doyle
Roll Call                                                           Alice Licato
CEC Breakfast Recap
Administrative Assistant Position Update
Discussion of School Safety Meeting for November
Charter School Discussion
Old Business
New Business

Calendar Meeting

Call to Order                                                    Adele Doyle
Roll Call                                                           Alice Licato
CEC President Report                                    Adele Doyle
Superintendent’s Report                                Karina Costantino
SHS Proposed Changes Presentation         Office of Student Enrollment
Public Speaking 








CEC District 20 in Brooklyn

officers 2017-2019


Upcoming 2018 CEC20 Meeting Dates:

​November 8, at TAOTS, 50 Ave P

December 12 

Second Wednesday of the month, unless otherwise indicated.


​Adele Doyle​


First Vice President

Eugene Strupinsky 

Second Vice President

Alice Licato

Recording Secretary

Inga Smolyar


Upcoming Dates & Events

Iwen Chu

Sandy Chum-Wu

Adele Doyle

Artemis Lekakis

​Alice Licato

Genevieve Mammana

Inga Smolyar

Eugene Strupinsky

The ELL-parent spot, the Special Education-parent spot, the Student Member spot, and one general parent spot are vacant on the CEC as of September 2018. 

Please reach out if you are interested in filling those vacancies.


415-89 Street, Room 410 Brooklyn, NY 11209 Tel 718-759-3921 Fax 718-759-3920  ​Email CEC20@schools.nyc.gov