Students in Temporary Housing

Student Rights

Under the McKinney-Vento Act, and Chancellor's Regulation A-780, a student in temporary housing has the right to:

  • A free public education
  • To stay in their current school or choose to attend a zoned school
  • Not be denied immediate school enrollment because of their temporary housing status or they lack enrollment documentation
  • Transportation services to and from school
  • Continue to receive special education services regardless of school transfer Services comparable to those offered to other students

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Advocates for Children of New York (AFC)

Advocates for Children of New York’s (AFC) Project LIT – Learners ITemporary housing, provides individual case assistance, community education, and policy advocacy to improve access to school and supports in school so that students experiencing homelessness can be successful in school and break the cycle of homelessness.

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Meal Hubs

Free breakfast and lunch is available to all New York City students at meal hubs across the city from 7:30am until 1pm during the week.  Families can pick up breakfast, lunch and dinner at once, and no identification or registration is required.  There will be over 400 meal hubs across the city, and families can find a meal hub location online, or by calling 877-877 FOOD 

Get a grab and go meal at these locations: