Resolution 1- Remote Learning

Presented by Treasurer Inga Smolyar, this resolution calls for students to have access to daily live instruction during the next school year through remote learning and/or in-person education that resembles traditional learning as much as possible,  and assess the students and formulate an individual learning plan to address any deficiencies as a result of slide that may have occurred due to remote learning.

 Resolution 1- Remote Learning.pdf 

Resolution 2: Resolution on Anti-Racism

Presented by Council Member Simeon Stolzberg, this resolution calls for the district to acknowledge institutional and personal racism in the community,  and develop clear specific plans for implementing plans anti-racism activities.

*Please note that the whereas for Anti-Asian racism has not been finalized and is not yet included in the document

 Anti-Racism Resolution_Simeon Stolzberg.pdf 

Resolution 7- Internet for All

Presented by Alan Aja, this resolution demands our elected officials address the significant need for expanded access to internet service for families enrolled in both blended and remote learning this year.

 Resolution 7- Internet for All.pdf 




D20 Resolution 3: An Appropriate Educational Response to Racism, Hate, and Violence

Presented by Council Member Vito LaBella, this resolution calls for the district to address racism and bias through the dissemination of resources and implementing anti-black and anti-violence education.

 D20 Resolution 3 An Appropriate Educational Response to Racism Hate and Violence 2.pdf 

D20 Resolution 4: In Support of Allowing a District Specific Admissions Policy & Retention of Academic Matching in Admissions

Presented by Council Member Yi Fang Chen, this resolution calls for the Department of Education to allow District 20 to develop and implement an admission policy specific to the district  and retain academic metrics, such as assessments, if distance learning continues in the fall.


D20 Resolution 5: In Support of Expanding Gifted and Talented Education & Academically Rigorous Programs for High Performing Students of All Backgrounds Citywide and/or in District 20

Presented by Council Member Yi Fang Chen, this resolution calls for the expansion of Gifted and Talented programs to all schools, and have all students assessed for the potential to achieve at a high level.

 D20 Resolution 5 Expanding Access to Gifted and Talented Education.pdf 

Resolution #6- Delaying the Start of School

Resolution #6 calls for delaying the start of in-person learning for the 2020-2021 school year.

 Resolution 6-Delaying the Start of School.pdf