Resources for Parents

Parent's Bill of Rights

Each child’s maximum potential can best be achieved through a partnership between parents and the education community. Please see the DOE's Parents Bill of Rights: Parents' Bill of Rights

Translations can be downloaded from the DOE website:

Student's Bill of Rights

To learn more about the rights students have - Student Bill of Rights

DOE Complaint Page

Parents have the right to file complaints about matters affecting their child's education. If you cannot resolve the issue at your school or district, you can file an appeal or complaint to the Department of Education - Parent Complaints and Appeals

DOE Legal

In order to file complaints for different types of offenses including general practice issues, labor and employment matters, equal opportunity, employee discipline, special education, administrative/state/federal law and compliance, commercial transactions, please visit - DOE Legal

Corporal Punishment Complaint Form

If you wish to report a situation of corporal punishment, e.g., a school staff member physical punishes a student, please visit - File a Complaint

Chancellor's Regulations

The New York City Department of Education's Chancellor's Regulations cover a wide range of policies, including student-related issues, school-based budgeting, employee issues, and parent and community involvement. To find more information please visit - Chancellor's Regulations