Parent Organizations


The Community Education Councils were created in 2004 after the school boards were dismantled.
Throughout the city, there are 32 school districts. Each school district has a CEC. Each CEC oversees the elementary and junior high schools within their district. Parents serve a two year term on 36 Councils throughout the city, including the 32 Community Education Councils and the 4 Citywide Councils.

CECs are made up of:

9 parents-selected by the district's PTA/PAs
2 Borough President Appointees
1 High School Senior

CEC members represent the parents in their district. The CEC is the voice of all the district parents. Parents are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings to learn what is going on and also to voice their concerns and issues. Members also visit the district schools and attend their PTA/PA meetings, as well as their School Leadership Team meetings. The CECs participate in shaping educational policies in their districts. Their responsibilities include approving school zoning lines, holding hearings on the capital plan, and providing input on other important policy issues. Each CEC has nine members who are parents of students currently in grades K-8 in district schools.


The CCSE is an advisory board that focuses on the education of students with disabilities. The CCSE is responsible for advising and commenting on the establishment of committees/subcommittees on special education in community school districts; and for issuing an annual report on how effectively students with disabilities are served by the NYC Department of Education and making recommendations for improvements - Citywide Council on Special Education

Citywide Council on English Language Learners

The CCELL is an advisory board focusing on the education of English Language Learners in bilingual or English as a Second Language (ESL) programs. The CCELL is responsible for issuing an annual report on how effectively those students are being served by the NYC Department of Education and making recommendations for improvements - Citywide Council on English Language Learners


The Citywide Council on High Schools (CCHS) is a dedicated group of volunteer parents that advocate on behalf of all NYC public high school students. CCHS welcomes parents, school leadership groups and students to express their concerns and comments to help ensure the best educational experience possible for students - Citywide Council on High Schools

District 75

District 75 provides highly specialized instructional support for students with significant challenges, such as autism Spectrum Disorders, significant cognitive delays, emotional disabilities, sensory impairments, and other disabilities -  District 75


The Panel for Educational Policy (PEP) is responsible for some of the most significant decisions affecting the education system, the panel votes on the Chancellor's proposed education policies, including school co-locations and closings, DOE contracts over $1 million, Gifted and Talented programs, and the citywide school budget. 

Panel for Education Policy


All NYC schools are required to have either a Parent Association or a Parent Teacher Association. These organizations advocate for students and families, update parents and families about the school, and plan and run activities for parents and families. They also support schools by, hosting parent workshops, organizing academic and social activities for families, and running volunteer events. 

Parent and Parent Teacher Association

Parent University

Parent University aims to educate and empower families as partners, advocates, and lifelong educators in their student's education through free courses, resources, events, and activities.

Parent University


The School Leadership Team (SLT) is a group of people who develop educational policies for their school. 

School Leadership Team