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About District 20

District 20 is the southwest section of Brooklyn, spanning from the Verrazano bridge to Borough Park and the southern section of  Sunset Park.  Neighborhoods include Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bath Beach, and Bensonhurst, along with the Fort Hamilton Army Base.



What are CECs?

The Community Education Councils were created in 2004 after the school boards were dismantled.
Throughout the city, there are 32 school districts.  Each school district has a CEC.  Each CEC oversees the elementary and junior high schools within their district. Parents serve a two year term on 36 Councils throughout the city, including the 32 Community Education Councils and the 4 Citywide Councils.

CECs are made up of:

9 parents-selected by the district's PTA/PAs
2 Borough President Appointees
1 High School Senior

CEC members represent the parents in their district. The CEC is the voice of all the district parents. Parents are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings to learn what is going on and also to voice their concerns and issues.  Members also visit the district schools and attend their PTA/PA meetings, as well as their School Leadership Team meetings.  The CECs participate in shaping educational policies in their districts. Their responsibilities include approving school zoning lines, holding hearings on the capital plan, and providing input on other important policy issues. Each CEC has nine members who are parents of students currently in grades K-8 in district schools.

For District 20, the parent CEC members have children in the district's public school system.  On CEC20, our members' children attend: PS102, PS/IS 104, PS112,PS127, PS176,  PS185, IS187, IS201,  IS259, PS503, and PS682.  

Citywide Councils:

There are 4 citywide councils: the CCHS (Citywide Council on High Schools) oversees all the high schools, the CCSE (Citywide Council on Special Education) oversees Special Education., the CCELL (Citywide Council on English Language Learners) and the District 75 Council.

Citywide Council on High Schools (CCHS)

The CCHS advises and comments on educational or instructional policy involving students attending public high schools. There are ten elected members on the Citywide Council on High Schools, two from each borough. Each member must be the parent of a student currently attending public high school.

Citywide Council on English Language Learners (CCELL)

The CCELL advises and comments on policy involving bilingual and English as a Second Language (ESL) programs. There are nine elected members on the Citywide Council on English Language Learners. Each member must be the parent of a student currently receiving bilingual or ESL services.

Citywide Council on Special Education (CCSE)

The CCSE advises and comments on services for students with disabilities. There are nine elected members on the Citywide Council on Special Education. Each member must be the parent of a student currently receiving special education services.District 75 Citywide Council (D75 Council)The Council advises and comments on educational policies that affect students with disabilities who attend D75 schools. There are nine elected members on the D75 Council. Each member must be the parent of a student currently enrolled in a D75 program. 

District 75 Council

District 75 provides highly specialized instructional support for students with significant challenges, such as:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Significant cognitive delays
  • Emotional disturbances
  • Sensory impairments
  • Multiple disabilities


  • June Virtual Town Hall

    SAVE THE DATE: June 10, 2020 7 PM to 9 PM

    Please join us for a District 20 Virtual Town Hall Meeting to Hear Parent Voices and Concerns about remote learning and the upcoming 2020-21 School Year.

    Any parent of a child enrolled in a District 20 school may sign up to speak for up to two (2) minutes. CEC members will each choose one parent to speak followed by an open forum. 

    Here is the sign up link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd6RXVzpspH4Ezj_4EveP-mQK5mv-eYZIEkKo72To7Z4Bl2UA/viewform?fbclid=IwAR0KisRZaXMxs1sMp7NEBXCVk9pqIzhio8vR1bfN6csOGBF4tsZMzxLNNlo

    Arabic: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeXIY54d-mwPnXTCn-QmDivIrNVJ7nHXJacLR5dkqWL6aGh9g/viewform?usp=sf_link

    Chinese: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdDvpjMbktxvVIQqyyHNJboj6HBoSt_hWb3OzfnGC8HPqcOww/viewform?usp=sf_link

    Spanish: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScILV_YnlqmvwZ9khp5cFHXTwJ9PXCOfdoJtMxWDJjNDp6-AQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

    Community Education Council of District 20
  • CEC May Business and Calendar Meetings

    We look forward to having you join us for this month's meetings. They will be held on Wednesday, May, 13, 2020, beginning at 5:00 pm. Please see the log in information below.


    Meeting ID: 936 4710 9601
    Password: 652614
    One tap mobile

    +16465588656,,93647109601#,,1#,652614# US (New York)

    Community Education Council of District 20
  • Parent Teacher Conferences

    Parent Teacher Conferences for schools serving grades K-8 will begin on Thursday, May 7. During the COVID-19 pandemic, home is school for most of our students, and families are playing the role of administrators, educators, facilitators, and coaches for student learning. The upcoming Parent Teacher Conferences are an important opportunity for teachers to hear from you about how your child is doing and how remote learning supports are working for your family. 

    Visit the Parent Teacher Conference page to review guidance, which is designed to help families understand how to prepare and what to expect for Parent Teacher Conferences during remote learning. (You can also click here for guidance.)

    Community Education Council of District 20
  • Education Committee related concerns

    Community Board 7 shared this letter about about DOE's unnecessary spending on contracts: https://nycpublicschoolparents.blogspot.com/2020/04/letter-to-panel-on-educational-policy.html

    Community Education Council of District 20
  • Survey for Remote Learning & Services

    Due to the current pandemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Committee on Outreach for the Citywide Council for District 75 is currently reaching out to the district community and the families remotely.  Since the closure of all NYC public school buildings and the Mayor’s recent announcement to cancel all in-person classroom instruction and services for the rest of the school year, the council will also be canceling all of its Business & Calendar Meetings that are conducted at an open-public setting for the remaining SY 2019-2020.  Currently, we are unable to reschedule any meetings until the NYC Department of Education gives us the guidance to do so either remotely or at a later date when it is safe for our families and community leaders to gather again. 

    To ensure we are continuing to represent the families of District 75 the committee has formatted a survey to gather your opinions and experiences with remote learning and related services during this difficult crisis and school closure.  

    All responses received will be reviewed and be officially reported to the Department of Education by the District 75 Council in order to further assist and accommodate our District 75 students. 

    We appreciate your feedback.  Thank You.

    Please click to fill out the survey:  https://forms.gle/HYPYgFNygR3MYbw97


    Committee on Outreach: Citywide Council for District 75, 

    400 First Avenue, Room 714, New York, NY 10010, Tel: (212)802-1542, Fax:: (718)752-7399.  Website: cecd75.org & Email: ccd75outreachcommittee@gmail.com  

    Community Education Council of District 20
  • virtual Town Hall on the DOE's response

    CEJ and ECC are co-hosting a virtual Town Hall to gather parent feedback on the DOE's response. Though they currently have a wait list the CEJ is looking to increase the capacity of the town hall. If you register via Eventbrite you will be placed into the wait list. When a seat opens up or a capacity is increased, you will be sent an email with the login link.

    It will also be livestreamed via Facebook.

    Event Brite

    Community Education Council of District 20
  • Virtual Student Town Hall

    Public Advocate Jumaane Williams is hosting a Virtual Student Town Hall today at 5pm. 

    To attend, please click here to RSVP or go to bit.ly/NYCPAYouthTownHall

    Community Education Council of District 20
  • Mental Health Digital Town Hall

    Please join Councilman Justin Brannan and State Senator Andrew Gounardes for a COVID-19 Mental Health Digital Town Hall on Monday, April 13th at 6pm. The COVID-19 crisis has been such a tough and uncertain time for many of us, so we will have an open discussion on grief, fear, financial anxiety, isolation, and so much more.

    They'll be joined by Jessica Feldman from NAMI NYC-Metro (National Alliance for Mental Illness) and Dr. Nicoletta Pallotta, MD, LCSW founder of Brooklyn Counseling Service.

    If you would like to send in a question beforehand, please email Senator Gounardes at gounardes@nysenate.gov. This event will be live streamed on his Facebook page, so they will also try to answer your questions live.


    Community Education Council of District 20
  • Frequently Asked Questions for Families About Remote Learning

    To view FAQs on accessing remote learning, academic policy and planning, Special Education, multilingual learning and English Language Learning, and assessments and accountability, please go to:


    They are also available in other languages.

    Community Education Council of District 20
  • The deadline to submit your child’s pre-K application is Sunday, March 29.

    You can use MySchools to find pre-K options for your child’s application. Want to learn more about pre-K admissions? Visit our website. Have additional questions about your child’s application? Email ESEnrollment@schools.nyc.gov

    Community Education Council of District 20
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